This past week I have had a new sense of relief, excitement, and belief in myself. I have scheduled posts I originally wanted to release on specific days, but this week I decided to switch it up, write spontaneously, and post on things that randomly pop into my head. Lately, I have been waking up looking forward to what life has in store for me; the new day that arises and the journey that awaits.

Life is a journey. Everything I have gone through has led me into probably one of the happiest stages in my life that I have ever been in. I feel like everything has led me to this point in my life. It led me to take chances on myself, be confident in my abilities, and, most importantly, believe in myself. I have written posts about doubt, growth, feelings, and lack of consistency in my life. I feel that I am at a point where I doubt myself less, made personal growth, have become more in touch with my feelings and have tried to be consistent in different aspects of my life.

Life’s journey is a weird and beautiful thing at the same time. Days where I feel my darkest would be someone’s brightest day, and others would be succeeding when I feel like I am failing. I used to compare myself quite frequently, wondering why my journey differed. Comparing myself only sewed the doubts I had within myself deeper – it did not help.

I am the type of person who likes to enjoy the ride and live in the moment. While that is good to a certain degree, I have noticed that when you are dedicated and disciplined to something, whether a goal or something you want, the journey to get there is a beautiful experience. 

Of course, with everything, there will be bumps in the road while on your journey – and I expected that on my current journey. Those bumps in the road probably set me back and could have derailed me from my path had I not remained focused and decided to settle – I probably wouldn’t be writing this post. Or better yet – an entirely different version would be written.

What I want people to take from this post is that it is okay to be afraid to move on to the next chapter/goal in your life; it is entirely normal. If you believe in yourself and your abilities and trust the process, everything will work out fine. Each route you take is meant for you, and there will be ups and down, but that is part of the process. 

Sometimes, you will doubt yourself and not believe in your journey, but trust in yourself, and it will all work out. I know that the journey I am on has only just started. I look forward to every bump in the road, every obstacle, as I finally see that I am on the path meant for me. Whether writing or IT career-wise, moving out or staying at home – the journey is what I look forward to—my journey.

I hope those of you reading had a great week!