Our wants and needs confuse us regarding what is important in our lives. Everyone has things in life that they believe are a need or a want simply because of being in the now. Most of the time, what we want in life might differ from what we need. We all have been there and experienced that the things we want end up feeling the opposite once we get it.

To differentiate from the two, we must learn and understand what we need and want. Many people, including myself, get the things they want out of impulse and then end up regretting it down the line because life gets in the way and brings them back to the reality of what is needed in their lives.

There have been times when I have wanted things for the sake of wanting them because I feel that I have earned something or feel like it. But, in the long run, what I wanted at a particular time in my life may not have been the best thing for me because if I had thought about it long term, I would have known that it wasn’t what I needed.

Growing up, there were things that I wanted in my life that were necessary, and I would feel like the world was ended when I did not get them – and I made it my be-all and end-all to get it, whether it was saving money for a sweet, trainers, toy or a game. I couldn’t grasp or understand that what I wanted wasn’t what I needed. I wanted new games and trainers but needed to focus on school and extra tutoring.

We, as humans, still have problems grasping it today, even as adults. Everything we do and experience is an accumulation of what we want and need in some shape or form. As weird as it may sound, but it is the truth. There are things we want in life that we achieve, but we need more for us, and we always end up wanting more. We genuinely need things we never tend to think or worry about simply because of comfortability. Everyone is comfortable and used to having what they want but never need in life, even to live.

As I have gotten older, I have learned that all I need in life is the basics: water, sleep, clothing, and a home – which I am utterly grateful to have each one of. Some can also say that money is something that is needed too. When I think about it, I am lucky to have or even get the five basic things needed in life when people worldwide don’t even have one of those basics. It takes you back to the reality of being grateful.

Gratefulness exceeds any needs or wants when others wish to have just one of what you have. I remember when I was young and, if I am honest, was jealous of kids my age having things I wanted, silly things like trainers or toys, which would never matter in the long run. Looking back on it now, those kids I was jealous of probably felt the same about some of the things I had that they didn’t as a child. I am honestly grateful for everything I have, the things given to me by my family, how I was raised, and how I am as a person; I am grateful for it.

Our wants and our needs will always be something we have to balance and understand to develop ourselves as humans. Plenty of times, our wants will outweigh our needs, and our impulsiveness will play a part in that. We have to ensure that we know never to neglect our needs and always remain grateful for what we have – because, as I said before, there are people who are thankful for even being able to walk to get water where they are from – while we have it in abundance at our beck and call.

Be grateful, be thankful and think about what you have in your life that others may not.