A new beginning, a new page, a new chapter. Today is a new chapter in my life. I finished a chapter in my life on Friday, and I feel it needed to be closed to progress in all aspects of my life – financially, physically, and most importantly, mentally.

Every new chapter in life gives us as humans a chance to develop in life and the opportunities to grow as a person. To progress in a new chapter, you have to be able to turn a page in your life and not look back – no matter how hard it may be to do and no matter the obstacles you may face.

As I write this, I am making my way to work – to start my new chapter. I start a new job today, and. I feel this is a journey; this new chapter is part of my story that needs to happen to reach where I want to be. I want to be better; I want to learn, adapt, create and develop in all areas of my life.

I call this a new chapter because, in my opinion, life can be like a book. At every age, each stage is a chance to learn about yourself, better yourself, and look forward to your future. Waking up every day is a new chapter, a new beginning, a chance to better yourself and to say goodbye to yesterday, no matter how bad the day before may have been for you.

This is just a short spare-of-the-moment post. I want to say that if you feel that you are getting comfortable, afraid of the future, or scared to proceed in life in any shape or form, know that it is and will be okay. Being afraid is OK; not knowing what comes is okay – there is beauty in not knowing. You don’t have to know everything.

As I said before, life is like a book; you’re not meant to know what comes. As someone who writes, I usually plan what is to come – but 9/10 times, it doesn’t end up how I initially intended it to – and life is the same. Start your new chapter and look forward to what is to come for you, don’t hide from it, don’t run from it – embrace it.

Have a blessed day!