I am very selective about who I am with and whom I have around me. I believe in energy, positive energy, and negative energy – energy matters. I must protect myself from those who could bring my energy down or affect me mentally. As I try to be optimistic about everything, I can’t be around those who aren’t.

Energy is precious, and what you take in and give out will affect someone or oneself in the long run. The more you are around people who have negative energies, you will slowly and surely have the same energy and will feel the negativity in your life. You have to protect yourself from what you take in, and you also have to protect others from what you give out.

Some people will allow anyone and everyone into their space and personal environment. It could be because they’re naturally loving, caring, or welcoming and friendly. I, however, find it hard to comprehend. There are two things I am sceptical about: letting people into my personal space and being around people I do not know like that. I don’t trust people. Growing up, I have had to have my wits about people from a young age, so being who I am has been ingrained throughout my life.

Now people reading this who know me would think this is nonsense because I tend to be ‘friendly’. Now, let me explain. I am not the type of person to be awkward in situations, I do not want to make anyone feel awkward, nor would I want to be made to feel awkward. I have always said things are only awkward if you make them – and I stand by that saying. If someone’s energy is off, I will realise and keep my distance without changing how I am and who I am – I will always remain the same – because, like I said, your energy matters.

I can automatically feel when someone’s energy is off, which can physically and mentally drain me. Now, of course, I know that there will be days that, as humans, our energy will be off; I understand that – because there are 100% days mine are off. I know when it is off and how it could make people feel when it is off. In knowing this, I try my best to ensure that whether I am not in the best of moods, not to let it show through and ruin another person’s day.

As I mentioned, you have to protect yourself in any shape or form from people, no matter how good or bad they are. As I have gotten older, I have noticed a lot about myself, and one thing I have seen the most recently is that I do not care for events, gatherings, or social activities that much. I go based on my initial gut instincts – if there is any form of hesitation for me going anywhere, then the chances are I will not do it. If it were meant for me to go, I would not hesitate to say yes.

If there is something you can take from this post this morning, it is that the energy you bring matters. Would you rather be the energy people want to be around or be the energy no one wants to be around? I would rather be the first. 

Be the energy you want around you.