Lately, I have been questioning what I want from life and what I want to do in and with my life. In questioning myself, I asked myself what my purpose was. What pushes and excites me to move forward and look forward to my future? I ask myself these questions because I feel that, as of late, things have changed in my life for the better, and I have to prepare for anything, no matter what it may be. I have been the happiest I have ever been due to being in a professional environment that has helped me in many ways.

You see, everyone has a purpose, no matter how big or small – everyone has a purpose in their own lives as well as other people’s. Some people aren’t aware, but their presence is a purpose in people’s lives – some people won’t ever say it to those closest to them – perhaps they don’t know or want to let people know. The fact of the matter is that you make an impact on someone the moment you meet them and that meeting has a purpose.

There were times in my life when I thought my purpose was to make everyone in my life happy – and in a way, I still believe it – because naturally, it is who and how I am – but I also know that it isn’t physically possible always to do so because, in life, you can’t make everyone happy.

One’s purpose can’t always be centred around others if you aren’t helping yourself – I have had to learn this. To put it another way, I can’t fill another person’s cup while mine is empty – or filling other people’s cup is emptying my own.

I have had many dreams and aspirations in my 27 years, which I thought would be my calling or purpose. I wanted to be an actor growing up, and I even went to drama classes; I wanted to be a basketball player, a gamer, or a scientist because, at the time, science was my favourite subject in school until it got too difficult for me. The list can go on. I wanted any possible career and thought it would be my life’s ambition to fulfil.

In all honesty, looking back, I know that every career or future that I wanted for myself wasn’t my purpose. I lacked consistency, drive and passion for it even to be my purpose. I believe that if something is your purpose and meaning for you, it should come naturally. Drama classes – I quit, and science? I stopped trying in school; basketball – I was good enough but didn’t train or actively work on the craft to be better at it. I was clouded by delusion rather than reality and honesty.

As I stated, I used to think my purpose was for others, but life has shown me the opposite. Ultimately, we all have things we believe are our purpose and think we are meant for something more, and we are – everyone is meant for more in life, and I genuinely believe that.

Do I know exactly what my purpose is? No. Do I feel that my purpose is whatever I choose it to be? Yes, I do. I have realised lately that your purpose doesn’t have to be about your career or goals – it can be anything you choose. Anything that makes you happy or brings your peace is your purpose. I believe this because everything happens for a reason; if things are meant to be, then they will be – you can’t plan every aspect of your life – what will be.

Writing is one of my main purposes; it has become a purpose now more than ever. In a way, writing has saved me in many ways and aspects of my life. I have needed writing to keep my mind and thoughts clear and to deal with life-related things. It brings me peace to put my thoughts down and share them with others – in a way, it makes me happy and satisfied to do it – which I think has led me to be as open as I have been in these posts that I make.

To wrap up this post, I want to say that you should do what makes you happy – whatever it may be. Everyone has a purpose in life, and that purpose is for you. If it is to help others, follow that path; if it is to follow your dreams, go after it. Whatever your purpose is, embrace it and live your life.