I am what you call a private person – a very private person. I don’t like people knowing my business, knowing what has happened in my life and assuming from what they have heard from people and ending up believing it. It’s funny because I say I am a private person, but here I am, writing about my thoughts and feelings about privacy, preparing to share them with the world.

In the same instance, I would say that I am an open book. However, there is a catch. I am an open book when speaking about things unrelated to myself or giving advice on something; when it comes to myself, I completely shut off. Whether it is positive things or things that I am annoyed or upset about, I keep it to myself and private.

When I finally open up, it comes down to a few things – me being unable to keep it in anymore, frustration or wanting to find solutions and advice. I only do it when I feel I can’t handle it alone anymore – because it takes a mental toll.

I am also, in a way, superstitious. I hate with my soul sharing anything in my life with people because whenever I have, they’ve gone to tell someone else, and then whatever I have told them does not work out for me as I wanted. No matter what it is, a job interview, getting a new job, a test, or an exam – I hate telling people about it. In a way, I don’t trust people, so I keep it to myself and only mention it once I know it has gone how I wanted it to.

You can never know someone’s true intentions towards you, so I always keep my guard up 99% of the time. Despite being a friendly, jokey person, 9/10 times my guard is up with near enough everyone I meet in my life.

I am private in all aspects of my life. Anyway, I can protect myself from anything and anyone, and I will do it. I don’t allow anyone and everyone into my home; I don’t trust people enough for that – I can count on my hand who has been to my house and who hasn’t. My home is my sacred space, and I want to protect that.

Being private can be both a positive and negative thing for me. Wanting to be private has led me to be questioned by people about my sincerity about things and whether or not I am serious about life. The fact of the matter is that I am. I am the type of person who likes to live in the moment, and I don’t care about what other people think or say about me. I am not one to share my life on socials and let socials know what I am doing or up to or post my successes. Again, because I am superstitious and believe in evil eye.

I won’t lie and say there hasn’t been a time where I shared my life on socials because there has been and was a time when I did, when I was young, during my teenage years. I used to post on my socials 24/7 and update about everything in my life. I got to a point where I started questioning why and what was the reason for it – I got bored of it and saw no point. 

Sometimes I want to test the waters by telling people things, and their reactions make me decide whether or not I will do it again – and most of the time, it makes me not want to. I am always cautious with what I say and how I may come across to people – especially when it comes to people sharing good news happening in their life – I would never give them any reason to doubt or regret telling me.

That is the reason for this post, to be honest. I recently got the good news that I was excited to share about that could better my position in life, help me network professionally and put me in a better environment professionally in my career. But I wasn’t met with the response I would have given if I had the news from someone else. That solidified why I keep things to myself and believe that keeping things private is best for me.

If you are the type that likes to express themselves by sharing with people, don’t let this post deter you from doing that – I am just mentioning how I feel about my privacy. Everyone has different beliefs on everything, especially privacy, and I have gotten into disagreements about it too. I want to say that it is okay to be private in aspects of your life, and it is okay if you want to share some things – to an extent. But in the end, do what makes you happy.